Synthetic turf fibres provide the look and feel of an artificial grass surface and are an important part of a sports system to help ensure it meets various performance characteristics. The quality of synthetic turf fibres is therefore essential for a quality surface.

Technical details such as microns, dtex, shape, colour or polymer grade do not, by themselves, determine the overall quality of the synthetic turf fibres, but the ability to design optimal synthetic turf fibres in combination with advanced extrusion technology is what determines the quality of the yarns.

TenCate Grass has a balanced product portfolio of synthetic turf fibres specially developed for various sports and landscaping applications. TenCate Grass manufactures two types of synthetic turf fibres: monofilaments and fibrillated tape.

All TenCate Grass synthetic turf fibres contain high performance UV stabilisers and are free from heavy metals.

TenCate Monoslide®

TenCate Monoslide® products are monofilament yarns. These synthetic turf fibres are extruded through a spinneret with the die hole of the spinneret determining the cross section shape of the yarn. The design of the turf fibre plays an important role in the performance characteristics of the synthetic turf surface.

TenCate Tapeslide®

TenCate Tapeslide® products are fibrillated tape yarns. Fibrillated tape products are produced by foil extrusion. The foil is slit into tape and the tape is fibrillated with a specific pattern. The fibrillation provides a natural look and feel after installation in a synthetic turf pitch.

TenCate TXT

With a growing global demand for landscape turf and (semi)non-filled turf, TenCate Grass has invested in production- and R&D technology for texturized fibres.

TenCate TXT fibres are highly durable and available in three different variants; fully TXT, semi TXT and Combi. Fully TXT finds its application mainly in face yarns for sports as well as thatch yarn in landscape applications. Semi-TXT is a market development that was initially introduced for landscape, where it gives a non-directional effect to the carpet. Lately, it has found its niche in some sports segments like baseball.

The Combi for TXT is a unique product in which we combine straight and Semi-TXT fibres in a single bundle, therefore creating unique natural appearing landscape carpets. In addition, it allows for an increase in production efficiency for tufters.

TenCate Oasis®

TenCate Oasis® is a range of high quality synthetic turf fibres developed specifically for landscaping.

Whether your project is a small, domestic garden, a large infrastructure development or something in between, TenCate Oasis can be used to manufacture a diverse range of artificial landscape turfs.

Colour options, dtex varieties, and yarn shapes make TenCate Oasis well-suited to manufacturing attractive, durable, functional landscaping turfs for domestic, urban and commercial uses.


Although a lot of focused is paid to the fibres in a synthetic turf system, the fabrics used as the primary backing has a major influence on the quality and durability of the final product. The primary backing provides strength, stability and tuft-lock to a turf carpet. In addition, TenCate Grass has several other patented fabric technologies that offer optimal characteristics to a synthetic turf system.


The primary backing of a synthetic turf carpet provides strength, dimensional stability and tuft-lock within the system. The choice for the right backing in an application is all about balancing the needs of the surface and its users. For example, the backing of a monofilament-based American football pitch has different requirements than for a hockey pitch made using fibrillated tape synthetic turf fibres.

The backing not only plays an important role after the synthetic turf is installed. The use of a high-quality backing at the production and installation stages of synthetic turf also provides many distinct qualitative advantages. TenCate Grass Backing solutions are easy to use, prevent creasing or tension differences in tufted or woven artificial grass carpets and guarantee optimum control through the manufacturing process.

For optimum stitching of the synthetic turf fibres with minimum distortion and for a simple installation of your synthetic turf, we recommend using TenCate Grass synthetic turf fibres in combination with TenCate Grass backings. TenCate Grass Backing solutions are stable and free of tension, which prevents moving lines and damage of seams during surface installation.

Plain backings
Warp-knitted backings
Multilayer backings
Fleeced backings

MX and MX NF

MX woven technology allows a number of synthetic turf fibres to be combined and positioned randomly in the surface layer of an artificial grass system.

Unlike traditional tufted artificial grass technology, MX woven technology makes it possible to weave the yarns into each structure and with varying distances into the pitch, giving the pitch a very realistic appearance and enhancing the ball behaviour. Players can also get their feet under the ball more easily on this pitch thanks to the woven construction.

The matrix weaving pattern has a positive effect on the rotational resistance of a player’s feet. Another advantage of weaving technology is that the fibres show better bonding, because the fibres in the matrix weaving construction are interwoven into the top layer. The high density and combination of the synthetic turf fibres enhance the resilience of the field.

We use MX weaving technology in infill systems as well as non-filled systems. In case of MX for NonFill, as well as filled systems, woven technology provides a natural appearance, no pile direction and therefore equal ball roll in all directions, optimal playing characteristics and sublime durability.


TenCate Grass combines woven technology for synthetic turf with playing on natural grass in XtraGrass; a hybrid turf system. XtraGrass is a natural grass turf reinforced with synthetic fibres to give a winning formula of great natural grass playability and a surface that is much more resistant to wear.

Developed and refined over the last 10 years, XtraGrass is a unique and patented turf reinforcement system which provides the flexibility to adapt to the unique differences that exist at every location. Plus, the patented weaving technique offers an increased fibre find, compared to tufted solutions in the market. XtraGrass consists up to 95% of natural grass and at least 5% synthetic turf fibres.

The synthetic grass fibres:

  • are woven into a partially biodegradable backing, creating a closed backing for easy and qualitative installation, the rootzone mixture will not fall through, so no bumps in the pitch. The biodegradable yarns will be fully degraded within two months, creating a matrix of large uniform voids, through which grass roots grow, and moisture and nutrients flow.
  • absorb some of the pressure and wear that would normally occur on the natural grass, resulting in a more durable surface.
  • protect the natural grass, maintaining surface stability and reducing damage. When a player stops, turns or accelerates, the synthetic fibres assist with traction and reinforcement, ultimately reducing divots and other damage to the surface. With professional stadiums opting for XtraGrass, it proves to be an optimum playing surface, maintaining both structural stability and aesthetic impact during extreme (weather) conditions.


TenCate Grass has developed an innovative new product, TenCate Accorder®, which provides a firm base layer for high-quality artificial grass systems.

TenCate Accorder consists of a durable geotextile module that is approximately seven centimetres deep and divided into dozens of equal-sized compartments per square metre. These compartments are then filled with local re-usable soil.

This new compact base layer is a very stable subsurface for playing sports and also has additional benefits during the field construction process. On site, much less soil has to be dug away, which saves time as well as excavation and transport costs, whilst drastically reducing the system’s carbon footprint.

TenCate Accorder:

  • Is a base construction method using existing materials
  • Uses locally-available soil materials for filling pockets
  • Reduces Total Cost Ownership (TCO) and/or provides more value in the top layer
  • Is patented


  • Cellular confinement with a fixed floor compartment
  • Lowering costs of installation
  • Extremely solid base
  • Lower CO2 emission
  • Often, local soils can be used
  • For traditional (vertical) and lateral drainage
  • Quick installation
  • Extremely useful in areas where proper sub base material is not available
  • Strong but lightweight material
  • Easy to transport and handle
  • Suitable for sport, landscaping and geotextile

100% recyclable


TenCate Ecocept® is an innovative new type of porous paved layer specifically developed as a base for synthetic turf sports surfaces as part of a TenCate Grass system.

It integrates seamlessly with artificial grass to enhance biomechanical properties and support performance.

TenCate Ecocept offers load bearing capacity to reduce or eliminate the need for a conventional thick layer of crushed stone. TenCate Ecocept has capillary action, giving superior lateral drainage capabilities to the layer so that costly trenched drainage below the field is not always required on installations, saving time and money. Water management options for field cooling, field irrigation, water collection and water recycling are also available with TenCate Ecocept.


  • Made from recycled end-of-life synthetic turf systems, waste plastics and recycled SBR rubber
  • Saves approximately 140 tons of material from landfill for each full-size field constructed with TenCate Ecocept
  • Reduces the need to excavate and remove local soils and likewise the need to backfill with crushed stone
  • Saves up to 300 truckloads and 190 tons of associated carbon emissions per field


  • Reduced risk of injury to players
  • Environmental sustainability
  • A simpler and faster construction process by combining several functions in one layer
  • Structural stability while the field base is fully bound and stabilized
  • Superior drainage performance
  • Lower field temperatures via irrigation technology
  • Stable footing due to a seamless paved surface
  • Consistent shock absorbency across the field and over time
  • Water collection and recycling option
  • Multiple sport performances from a single turf and pad system

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