Who we are

TenCate Grass Fibres and Fabrics produces sustainable, tailored and cost-effective components for the synthetic turf industry. As part of the TenCate Grass Group, we have a clear focus on design and service and are a worldwide market-leader in our sector.

Our mission

To responsibly empower our stakeholders to design, manufacture and market turf systems that are future-ready and meet the highest market standards, while sustaining maximum value.

Our vision

TenCate Grass forms durable relationships to understand customer challenges. As a result, we know how to incorporate innovation, operational excellence and customer service to deliver sustainable, tailored and cost- effective turf components.


Focus on future proof synthetic turf components

therefore providing innovative, sustainable and quality components.

Customer focused

Knowing the ins and outs of the market and using in-depth knowledge to continuously enhance our tailored range of products.


40 years in the synthetic turf business, continuously developing and providing future-ready synthetic turf components.

Cost leader

We strive to provide the best level of value for money in the market.

Our people

Where we
come from

The heritage of Royal TenCate: more than 300 years of textile technologies
Present at the synthetic turf market from the very start of its existence


TenCate Grass produces high-grade materials using advanced production methods and which are manufactured in conformity with Dutch and international standards. This provides a guarantee for a high-quality final result and an excellent level of service. Moreover, TenCate Grass components meet strict environmental, safety and protection requirements.

committed to safety

TenCate Grass is committed to the safety of businesses and individuals using our artificial turf products and also takes maximum care to ensure that its products do not have any harmful effects on public health and the environment.

We test all of our components, especially in connection with the environment and personal safety. There are no indications from our own testing or from third party tests that any risks related to the use of our products for synthetic grass surfaces exist.

We welcome any and all (internal or third party) tests on our products regarding personal safety and/or environmental impact. TenCate Grass constantly strives for safety and protection which is a leading factor for the development of new products.

Contractors may use TenCate Grass products with supplementary components from third parties for synthetic grass installations. Whilst this limits our full control on the final product, we encourage our business partners to work to approved quality programmes to ensure that systems are installed, tested and maintained in accordance with the highest standards.

Certification for TenCateGrass Fibres & Fabrics Europe (in NL).

Where we
are heading

TenCate Grass Fibres and Fabrics aims to deliver synthetic turf components that allow our customers to produce turf that is ready for the future.

In line with this, we focus on having sustainable factories. We integrated multiple successful initiatives worldwide that bring us closer to realising this, such as using green energy to warm up water during our production process, reusing heated water to save our water consumption, recycling internal waste and producing REACH compliant products worldwide. In the short term, as well as the long term, we strive to further optimise our factories and production processes to be able to produce components with a neutral carbon footprint.

In addition, by further optimising our in-depth knowledge of the full chain (producing turf, installing turf and maintaining turf), we want to continuously improve technologies and designs of turf components.

Part of the TenCate Grass Group

TenCate Grass Fibres and Fabrics is part of the TenCate Grass Group. This Group consists out of multiple organisations worldwide, all active in the synthetic turf business. All kinds of tufters, suppliers, installers and recyclers are part of the Group.

a system-focused organisation

For TenCate Grass Fibres and Fabrics, this ensures being close to market developments, new sustainability techniques, designing to recycle and having a system-focused organisation.

The TenCate Grass Group enables everyone to play, now and in the future. The Group has a clear focus on delivering the most innovative and durable synthetic grass, tailored to the needs of every user, with the smallest environmental footprint.

TenCate Grass Group, with all its subsidiaries, is a significantly big and ambitious organisation. With more than 1400 employees and synthetic turf sales in countries all over the world, it carries a certain social responsibility.

Johan Cruyff Foundation

With synthetic turf, we make it possible for everyone to play. Independent of weather conditions, availability of water, limited space and limited resources for maintenance. Already fifteen years ago, we found a very close partner in having this goal; the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops sports activities for children all over the world, with a focus on children in need. Children who, without the help of the Cruyff Foundation, won’t have access to sport and play surfaces. The Cruyff Foundation installs sport surfaces, including goals, fencing and when needed lighting in areas where those kind of spaces are most needed. Spaces for those children to grow, make friends, improve physical and mental health and to become who you are. Thanks to the installation of pitches from the Cruyff Foundation (that all contain synthetic turf from TenCate Grass materials), over 200.000 children with or without disabilities are active every week and more than 6800 children use the Cruyff Courts on a daily basis.

Our locations

TenCate Grass has global coverage with fibre and fabric production facilities located worldwide, which enables flexibility for our customers. Our yarns and backing materials are produced in Nijverdal – The Netherlands, Dayton – USA and Dubai – UAE.

TenCate Grass Europe - Fibres
G. van der Muelenweg 2
7443 RE Nijverdal
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 548 633 944
TenCate Grass Europe - Fabrics

Hoge Dijkje 2
7442 AE Nijverdal
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 548 633 944

TenCate Grass USA

1131 Broadway Street
Dayton, TN 37321-1802
United States Of America
+1 423 775 0792

TenCate Grass Middle East

National Industries Park,
Sheihk Zayed Road
Jebel Ali, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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